In Memory of the Fallen (The Great War 1914 – 1918)

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30th November 1917

Dear Mother

Just a line to say I am quite well, trusting this will find you all well at Bradwell Mill and West down. I have not heard from you for over a week or received your parcel yet.

We have been tracking for 70 miles, we have to chase the Turks they are still going back, so I will tell you more in my next letter.

We are in the hills of Judea and I tell you it is hills! Have just passed a village named Ash-Dol, I must say if we have not been killed we shall see the Holy City tomorrow. We have nearly been in Jaffa but had to change course, to where we are most needed.

I cannot tell you more at present as we are in the wrong place. But I trust the Lord will bring me through this time and bring me safely back to you. If not we will meet in the Lord’s house above.

These hills are terrible, stones as big as houses, little ones as big as us, I am sorry I can’t tell you any more now.

I have just a little water left from dinner and am going to have a shave, haven’t had one for over a week.

Well Mother will tell you more when I come home.

Happy Christmas to you all, with love from your son Will.


Three days later on 3rd December 1917, 22 year old William was killed in Palestine, 6 miles from Jerusalem. He was walking between his two brothers-in-law when he was shot dead. They were both unharmed.