West Down Community Park (WDVGFA)

The elected Trustees of WDVGFA hold Management Meetings, usually monthly, to discuss the maintenance and management of West Down’s community space and the ongoing costs of providing this facility for the benefit of residents and visitors.

They also discuss the revenue required, to maintain and enhance the site, to cover insurances and to finance new projects which will benefit the majority of users.  Meetings usually last between one and a half to two hours.

The Trustees welcome any Member of our Association to attend these meetings, but would ask anyone wishing to come along as a guest to contact John Stainer (Chairman) on 01271 862236.  To raise, or discuss, a specific topic please email johnmstainer@btinternet.com two weeks prior to the meeting so that the item and speaking time can be added to the Agenda.

If you are not a Member of our Association or are unsure, please contact the Secretary (as above). The cost of expressing your interest by joining is a £1, one off payment, at the present time. AGMs and Public Meetings are open to anyone, but only Association Members are entitled to vote. WDVGFA is registered with the Charity Commission and volunteers interested in supporting this worthy Community Project are much appreciated; either by lending a hand on a casual basis, joining a sub-committee, or becoming a Trustee, to help us continue to provide this vital facility for your Village.

John Stainer – Chair