St Calixtus Church

About St Calixtus Church

The Church is situated in the centre of West Down and it is visible from most of the Parish.  The Church is part of a Villages’ Mission Community (VMC) comprising St Calixtus (West Down), St Augustine’s (Heanton Punchardon), St Michaels & All Angels (Marwood) and St George’s Georgeham and St Mary’s Croyde.

A new Rector Steve Painting has been appointed and he will be arriving in the summer.

For more detail about the Church, its Bells, Tower and St Calixtus see History of the Church.



There is a pattern to the services which take place in the Church.  This is outlined below:

1st Sunday          Morning praise

2nd Sunday        Morning praise

3rd Sunday         All age worship (now back to a 9.30 a.m. start)

4th Sunday         Holy Communion

5th Sunday         Normally but not always a Villages’ Mission Community Service at time and location to be announced (see specific details below)

All services commence at 9.30 a.m. (except for VMC services which start at 10.30 a.m.) unless notified otherwise.

Any member of the community may attend all services.

The remaining services for April 2018 are shown below:

29th VMC Service at Marwood (no service at St Calixtus)

The Services for May 2018 are shown below:

6th Morning Praise Rev Colin

10th VMC Service at Heanton (Ascension)

13th Morning Praise David Roff

20th All Age Worship Rev Colin

27th Holy Communion Archdeacon

The services for June 2018 are shown below:

3rd Morning Praise David Roff

10th |Morning Praise Rev Colin

17th All Age Worship TBA

24th Holy Communion Rev Margaret

Joint Villages’ Mission Community (VMC) Services

Location and timing of the next VMC services:

29th April at Marwood (1030 start)

10th May at Heanton (1030 start)

Other VMC Activities

To be advised.

Keeping in Touch with Rev Iain & Ann-Marie

Iain has moved on to Plymouth.  His new address is The Vicarage, 16 Southway Lane, Plymouth, PL6 7DH.  His email address is  Ann-Marie’s is


The last annual meeting was held on Friday 23rd March 2018.  Minutes of the meeting may be obtained from the Secretary.  The date for the next meeting in 2019 has yet to be agreed.

AGM of Iron Room Management Committee – postponed to a later date.

The next meeting has been postponed.  Look out for a new date.

Gift Day

The next Gift Day is in 2018.

Thank you to everybody who contributed at the annual 2016 Gift Day which raised £1221.34p.

Clock Repair and Dedication Service

We are pleased to announce that the clock has been reinstated.

A dedication service was held in the Church on Sunday 24th July 2016.

Bible Study

Held in the Iron Room usually on a Monday afternoon.  Come and explore the Bible and issues of faith in a warm and friendly environment.  Call or email Rev Caroline to find out more or to join in – 01271 815560 or

Messy Church

Usually the 3rd Thursday in every month at 3.15 p.m. in the Iron Room (Church Hall) but days and times subject to change.

Look out for information about the next date.

Mums and Toddlers

Every Tuesday morning from 9.00am to 11.00am in the Iron Room during term time.  Any changes will be shown on the Iron Room Notice Board.

Church Yard Rules and Charges for Services

A copy of Church Yard rules and Charges for Services may be obtained from

Electoral Roll

The Electoral Roll is a list of the members of the Church of St Calixtus.  The list is updated on an annual basis.   The position of Electoral Roll Officer for St Calixtus is Dianne McGahran.

Year End accounts to December 2017

A copy of the last year end accounts (December 2017) may be obtained from the Treasurer.


The PCC takes the lead in carrying out the mission of the church – the whole church. Working alongside and supporting the clergy, pastoral care, telling the story of faith, social action and co-operation with churches of other denominations all fall within its remit. In many ways it is the PCC that shapes the health of the church.

PCCs are legal entities and are governed by two pieces of Church of England legislation, called Measures. These are the Parochial Church Councils (Powers) Measure 1956, which defines its principal functions, and the Church Representation Rules.

This second document is particularly useful in understanding the operational rules that govern the PCC and includes information on how often it meets, its members, how elections are held, the responsibilities of its officers and how it relates with bodies such as the Deanery Synod and Diocesan Synod. It also looks at the rules that govern bodies such as District Church Councils, Joint PCCs, Team and Group PCCs.

Further information for specific roles within the PCC can be found below, along with links to the downloadable forms and guidance each role might find useful.

If you have any further questions please contact the Synod Office by email or by telephone on 01392 294931.

PCC Members for St Calixtus

The following persons are members of the PCC:

Rev Caroline Raby       Assistant Curate                     815560

David Ravenscroft       Treasurer                865413

Juliet Alexander           Church Warden               03330 112214

Eric Philipson                Secretary                  865480

David Roff                       Reader             

Dianne McGahran         A/Chairman                             866396

PCC Meeting Dates

The PCC meets on a regular basis to undertake its duties.  PCC meetings are open to members only but if you wish to raise something about a church matter please contact the Secretary or speak with a Church Warden.

Dates for 2018 are (all 7 p.m. in the Iron Room unless stated otherwise):

To be announced.

Minutes of PCC Meetings

Minutes of meetings are held by the Secretary and are available on request.


Churchwardens may traditionally be responsible for maintenance of buildings and keeping records, but today they are vital to mission and ministry, caring for both parish and minister. It is a post that is challenging as well as rewarding.

The Churchwarden for St Calixtus is Juliet Alexander.  Her contact details are shown above.

Minutes of ACPMs are held by the Secretary and are available on request.

The Iron Room (Church Hall)

There is an Iron Room Management Committee which has oversight of the management and day to day running.  It meets on an annual basis and the position of Secretary is currently vacant following the death of our dear friend Jane Devlin.


Iron Room Constitution and Rules

modern-thumbIron Room Booking Form


Exeter Diocese –

Villages Mission Community –

Email the VMC – or call on – 01271 815795

Who is St Calixtus?

St Calixtus (Callistus) Pope and Martyr c.160-c.222, pope (217-222) Patronal day – October 14.

St. Calixtus (or Callistus) was a Roman from the Trastevere district.  As a youth he was the slave of a Christian Freedman, Carpophoros, who set him up as a deposit taker.  He lost the money belonging to other Christians and fled from Rome.  He was caught & returned to his master.  After fighting in a synagogue he was sentenced to work in mines in Sardinia but was eventually released with other Christians.

He became Archdeacon to Pope Zephyrinus and in this post, he constructed a cemetery on the Appian Way to provide a tomb for each Christian, including the poor and the slaves.  It is one of the most famous of Christian cemeteries and in it are buried up to 500,000 Christians including many popes and martyrs.

He succeeded St. Zephirinus in the pontificate in 217 or 218, and governed the church five years and two months during which time he enlarged the catacombs, which became the official cemetery of the Church of Rome and which took from him their name.  As Pope he established the practice of admitting to communion those who repented from their sins – even the most heinous.  This made him unpopular so he died a martyr by being thrown into a pit.  He was buried in the Cemetery of Calipodius on the Aurelian Way.

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