West Down Gardening Club Programme 2016/17

17th MarchAGM and hanging baskets & Pots
Competition: Stem from your garden – not a daffodil
Competition: Marrow seeds to be given out
6th April (Wednesday)Grow Great Veg – Pippa Greenwood at Braunton Parish Hall
19th MayWelcome to the World of Hellebores – Raymond Crook
Competition: One hellebore flower in a saucer of water
5th June (Sunday)Trip to go to Bowood House in Wiltshire on to visit Toby Buckland’s Garden Festival
Will include specialist nurseries, live music and local food. The coach will pick up from the Square.
Times and more details will be available soon but put it in your diary now.
Non members are very welcome to join us.
16th JuneEvening Visit to a local National Garden Scheme garden
26th to 29th JuneGardening Club Holiday in the Cotswolds
17th JulyVillage Fair
21st JulyHartland Abbey Garden Through the Seasons - Nigel Alford, Head Gardener
Competition: Empty snail shell from your garden
18th AugustBelated 15th Gardening Club Party
Memories of the last 15 years – Andy and Jan

Competition: Posy in a teacup
15th SeptemberPeople, Plants, Pleasure and Passion - Don Witton
Competition: The Heaviest Marrow
6th October (1st Thursday)Central Royal Parks – Jim Butress at Braunton Parish Hall
17th NovemberWinter Cheer/Spring Tonics - Chris and Lorraine Birchall, Tale
Valley Nursery

Competition: Stem of evergreen from your garden
4th DecemberChristmas meal – Imperial Hotel
19th JanuaryNew Zealand Trip – Malcolm Pharoah
Competition: Your own photo of a plant from New Zealand
16th MarchAGM