Standing Stones – Information required – can you help?


An email from Susy Forbes asking for information on Standing Stones in the village and local area. Anyone with more information, please get in touch with Susy at……..

My name is Susy, I live at Barton Lodge in West Down which is number 925 on the Tithe map. (That was really interesting to look at I have just discovered it on the West Down website).

We have 3 stones in our garden and I am trying to find out a little more about them.  I want to know if they are just decorative or if they are actual standing stones!

I have been to the museum in Ilfracombe. They have a map from 1936 from Mervyn G Palmer.  Our stones are not on there, though there are a few in West Down Parish (2 on Verney’s farmland) There are other stones in the fields opposite us (where the horses are kept opposite the yellow house, and also further up the road to Aylescott) which are like ours.

Here are some pics of our stones – as they are next to the church I wondered if they have been here for years or not or used to mark the path to a sacred site!

Anyway, it would be nice to find out more! If anyone in the village has any standing stones on their land would they mind if I could come to look at them and could let me know please.

Many thanks,